I am a second year graduate student at the School of Information, UT Austin pursuing my MS in Information Studies, with a focus on Data Science and Applied Machine Learning. I am interested in exploring the research areas of Language Modeling, Computational Social Science, and Ethics and Fariness of AI systems. I am currently pursuing my Master's Thesis on the applications of LLMs and Retrieval Augmented Generation as part of decision-making suppport systems and for evidence-based search under the guidance of Dr. Matt Lease.

I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, with a bachelors degree in Materials Engineering in 2020 and then worked as a data scientist for two years prior to joining UT Austin. I am very enthusiastic about volunteering for Data Science for Social Good initiatives, and have been a collaborator for both Datakind and Omdena AI in the past.

Outside of work I am a huge sports buff, regularly following Football, Snooker, F1, Golf, NBA, Tennis and Cricket. Compelling unscripted drama in sport and Indian sweets are my biggest weaknesses!


  • Python, R, SQL
  • Tableau, Excel, MATLAB
  • PySpark, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Console
  • Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Matplotlib, Spacy, Sickit-learn, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Langchain


Using AI to Monitor Deforestation

School of Information, UT Austin

Creating an AI based solution to remotely monitor deforestation in the Amazon using satellite imagery. Proposed solution involves using CNNs to extract features from satellite images that can be used as indicators of deforestation

Identification of Prominent Researchers using Co‑Authorship Networks

Self-supervised Project

Creation of a social network of AI researchers to analyze the collaboration patterns and identify the prominent researchers in the field. Data was mined from arXiv followed by network analysis in Python via NetworkX to identify influential nodes by using network centrality measures.